The Burpee Habit Continued

Stephanie Cansian
2 min readAug 31, 2021

Part Two: Your First 100 Burpee Day

The author, dressed in a black, floor length, v neck dress, with one hand on her hip taking a mirror selfie, and not realizing that there is a pair of jeans on the bed. She is smiling and proud of her 100 Burpee accomplishment that day.
The author on the day she did 100 Burpees in 38 minutes.

Congratulations! You’ve made it this far! What started out as a flippant goal is now a tangible reality. You flirted with 50 Burpees in a day, and maybe you even figured out that two burpees every minute during an episode of your favorite anime really isn’t that bad.

You realized that maybe, just maybe, you can actually do 100 Burpees.

Why does that sound like such a Herculean feat to you? Navy seals, felons, and marines do 100 Burpees as warm-ups.

Because you are none of those. You work a desk job. You’ve been dealing with life, depression, and anxiety, in that order, for the past 18 months. You just wanted to feel like you’ve got a grip on things, even for a few minutes of the day.

Here’s how you got your first 100 Burpee Day.

Step 1: You had a date, you wrote it down, and you looked at it every day; visualized doing 100 Burpees and that delicious serotonin-filled sense of pride.

Step 2: You knew your limits. You maxed out at 20 burpees, so you know that you can do 10 easily. Five is a walk in the park at this point, and you can do two just for funsies.

How far you’ve come, even in this short amount of time.

Step 3: You made a plan around your limits. Maybe you had a time constraint: a day job, child care needs, or your favorite show doesn’t come on until 6pm. You planned out how much you can do and when you could do it.

Remember, this was a 100-Burpee Day, not 100-Burpees-In-A-Row.

Step #4: The date arrived. You got excited. You got hype. You felt a little fear, and that’s perfectly okay. You’ve had months’ worth of training behind you, and above all else, you felt ready.

Step #5: You executed your plan flawlessly on the day you said you would.

Overall, it was a simple process, but not an easy one. And that pride you felt at Burpee #100 gave you the chutzpah to set yet another flippant goal.

Stay tuned for Part Three: The First 100 Burpee Set.

Coming January 2022.



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