Five Exercises Inspired By My Hero Academia

Stephanie Cansian
3 min readJul 8, 2021

I am a life-long anime fan, but I have been out of the loop for the last decade or so.

When my twelve-year-old niece started mentioning this new anime called “My Hero Academia,” I knew that this show was important to her. I needed to watch it so that I could be that cool Aunt.

But, as a professional mid-30-something with Responsibilities, I found it very difficult to simply sit down to watch anime like I used to. I didn’t want to get pulled into a binge, and 20 minutes did not feel like enough time to get invested.

Fortunately, I prefer short, intense workouts, and MHA has some absolutely killer music.

So, here are my top five exercises that I do while watching an episode (or three) of My Hero Academia:

  1. Midoriya Wall Sits/Squat Hold (if you don’t have a convenient wall). Just hold for 30 seconds, then take a 30 second to 1 min break. Keep doing that for the entire episode. Your legs will feel like they’re on fire.
Full Cowling!

2. Aizawa Inchworms. Do these while there’s a bunch of talking going on. Your core will light up.

Juice pack optional (but recommended).

3. Asui Squats. You’ll want to keep watching, so remember to keep your chest lifted. Newbies, do 10. Advanced, do 25. Then rest for 3–5 minutes, and start again.

Call her Sue.

4. Aoyama Ab Series. Start with 10 crunches, then 10 leg lifts. Next, go right into 10 sit-ups and finally bicycle crunches (10 on each side). Your tummy might hurt after one set, so break for 10–15 seconds, then go again four more times.

You should be sparkling by this point.

5. Bakugo Burpees. For burpee beginners, try one burpee every two to three minutes for a count of 10 per episode.

Remember to stretch and warm up!

For my experts out there, try for two every minute for a count of 50.

You’ll feel those tomorrow.

Try one a day and see which you like best. Have fun! And GO BEYOND!

All Images Copyright My Hero Academia, I did not make any of these.



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