When Willpower Fails, You Need A Coach

Stephanie Cansian
2 min readFeb 28, 2020
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Are you one of the 92%?
According to an article from the New York Post, 92% of people who have made new years resolutions do not keep to them. Only 8% of people manage to keep their new year’s resolutions, with 80% of people dropping off after 30 days.

Here’s the thing: willpower is great and all, but each of us only has a limited supply. Once you run out, you need to replenish or risk failing at your goal.

Enter the Accountability Coach.

What is an accountability coach? Think of them as a personal trainer for those good habits you are trying to make. They are people who have been where you are and beaten the odds. They have lost weight, changed careers, quit smoking, learned a new skill, and seem to have the time to fill their lives and help other people as well.

Why hire an accountability coach? Here are three excellent reasons:

  1. Because they have been where you are, and they know your excuses. There are 1,000 reasons not to do that thing that you resolved to do this year. The difference is that accountability coaches help you work past them. They show you how to beat your brain at this game and teach the skills to continue to do so. Even as I type this article, my brain is throwing four other “immediate tasks” I could be doing rather than writing. Stephanie’s Goals: 1, Stephanie’s Brain: 0 (for today at least).
  2. You need to see people do what you think is impossible. Sometimes if you have tried and failed at the same goal multiple times, it becomes “impossible.” You start blaming everything but yourself and run the risk of adopting a victim mentality. For me, I blamed genetics for my apparent inability to lose weight. Coaches have done the “impossible.” Therefore, this goal you have is possible. And who better to learn from than someone who has done it?
  3. Spending money on an accountability coach or program is an investment in yourself. It is not a weakness to ask for help. It is not a weakness to admit that you can’t do this alone. Every coach has had a coach of their own, and they want to pay it forward. Hiring a coach shows that you have skin in the game; that you are willing to invest in improving yourself. That is the opposite of weak. That is inner strength and determination.

So, do yourself a favor: go on Fiverr and search for “Accountability Coach.” Find someone you can relate to and hire them. Get started, or re-started today. In six months, you’ll look back and realize this was the best decision you could have made.



Stephanie Cansian

Former employee of Apple, Starbucks, and Amazon, who vowed never to be an employee again. Copywriter, coordinator, and proven catalyst for 10X change.