The One Home Office Essential No One Thinks About

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

When you think of a home office, a very familiar layout comes to mind: a desk, a chair, a computer, keyboard, and mouse. Probably a coaster for a coffee or tea cup on the desk, and maybe a side table for books and reference materials.

But there is one home office essential I never see mentioned anywhere, and I believe it is a game-changer in productivity.
No, it’s not a Keurig.
It’s a yoga mat.
Here are three reasons why the yoga mat is the most overlooked office essential:
1. Even if you are highly competent at your job, there will be times where your brain will get stuck on a problem. In these moments, doing a series of low-impact stretches or seated breathing exercises can help calm you down. You can then refocus your energy, making it easier to see a solution.

2. All jobs, even ones we love, get stressful. In my previous article about mastering the burpee, I talk about different exercises remedying different stresses. Having a yoga mat next to your desk makes it very easy to bang out a few burpees, push-ups, or squats when you start getting frustrated. And it takes less time than a walk around the block.

3. Everyone knows that sitting for extended periods is bad for your posture and circulation. Most tech companies have built-in “Stand Up” alerts for their smartwatches. Having a yoga mat to assist with leg and posture stretches throughout the day is an intelligent investment in your body’s longevity.

Having fitness equipment in or around your desk is still seen as “unprofessional”. However, I would argue that the person who uses physical exercise to work through stress has stronger mental fortitude than those who prefer to distract themselves from the tasks at hand.

Do you believe there is a correlation between professional performance and physical activity? Why or why not?



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Stephanie Cansian

Author, email coach, and creative mind behind Say It Simply Productions. Rebelliously positive, probably caffeinated. Central Jersey citizen.