Link What You Love


Two little girls sharing the joy of a book while standing in a sunlit field.
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

My brother has a horrible habit.

He will find something new and wonderful; a playlist, a variety of beer, or an article of clothing, and then take a grainy picture of himself or a screenshot and post it.

Then he will wait to see if someone asks what it is.

That’s not sharing; that’s just bragging. And it’s not cute.

If you have learned something powerful or found something you love so much you want to share it, then ACTUALLY SHARE IT.

Provide the affiliate link.

Attribute and credit the work to the artist.

Provide the website or resource to find more information.

Yes, post pictures of yourself enjoying life and loving the hell out of the things that bring you pleasure, but to truly share, provide a way for your people to join you in joy.



Stephanie Cansian

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