How I Sold $1 Million Worth of Apple Products In My Former Retail Life

Stephanie Cansian
4 min readJan 8, 2024

In my seven years at Apple, I went from a seasonal hire to a full-time sales lead, technician, and mentor, revolutionizing customer workshops and hitting the coveted Million Dollar Club. Here is how I got there:

Have A Passion And Curiosity For What You Sell

I was hired for my attitude first, my aptitude second. In 2008, I had never used a Mac and had only owned an iPod. However, I have a natural passion for all things tech-related and a curious nature that compels me to learn as much as I can about something I’m interested in. In my first year as a salesperson, I learned as much as possible about Apple products, Apple policies, and other backend procedures and positions that helped the store run as smoothly as it did. However, I knew there was always more to learn. I was hesitant to approach people if I didn’t know the answer to every question they had.

Approach Everyone

One day, my manager took me aside and asked why I didn’t approach more people.

“You need to speak up more.”

It was not a suggestion. Fear had been holding me back from speaking up; I thought I was too new and needed more training and general knowledge. He asked me if I knew how to find answers I didn’t know. I did; of course I did…



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